Gretsch Renown Snare Drums


Built for the working drummer – and Albie’s lad….

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Gretsch Renown Snare Drums

Gretsch Renown Snare Drums are part of the Renown Maple family and make for affordable Maple shell drums that will fit in sonically with any brand of kit. We have a lot of drummers buying these and adding them into kit setups of brands other than Gretsch, such is their versatility.

The Gretsch Renown Maple series is one of the most versatile drum ranges ever made, with its ability to handle pretty much every genre of musical styles. As such, Gretsch Renown are a staple favourite of working drummers who want top quality drums that are truly professional in every way, but at a price-point which makes them a realistic workhorse.

So what do they sound like? Well here’s the 5″ depth model:

YouTube video

If we add another half inch, it sounds like this:

YouTube video

Now let’s hear the throaty 6.5″ depth:

YouTube video

Three different depths – which one would you choose?


  • 7-ply Maple shells
  • 30-degree Bearing Edges
  • Classic Gretsch ‘Silver-Sealer’ interior
  • Gretsch ‘302’ Steel hoops
  • Chrome hardware
  • Remo drumheads

The inclusion of the ‘302’ hoops found on the more expensive Gretsch Snare Drums is a lovely twist in the Gretsch Renown Snare Drum tail. Gretsch ‘302’ hoops are designed to deliver a focused sound similar to that of a heavier Die-Cast hoop, but with their lighter weight and flexibility, they allow a drum shell to breathe a little more.

If a Maple shell at an attractive price with the Gretsch name and design fully incorporated is your desire, then we highly recommend you check out Renown Maple Snare Drums.

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Due to the challenging trading conditions at the time of this listing, we are not yet keeping this item in store – though the standard chrome hardware drum is in stock with Gretsch’s EU-based supplier. Therefore, delivery to us from the distribution centre will be 7-9 days from date of ordering. If you need more information about delivery please contact us for an ETA.