Gretsch Full Range Ash Mini-Snare Drum


Small, powerful, punchy, mountable and very, very black…


Gretsch Silver Series Ash Mini-Side-Snare Drum

For all you guys & gals who like a bit of that tickling under the Hi-Hats 80s style, The Gretsch Full Range Ash Side-Snare drum will be right up your Weckl street. If that scares you into Mullet hell territory, then reconsider the Ash Side-Snare as a perfect add-on voice to a percussion rig or better still, a dinky little mini-Snare for those quiet rehearsals or lo-fi ‘un-plugged’ shows.

With its 10-ply Ash formula shell combined with the convenient Gretsch GTS mounting system, the Gretsch Full Range Ash Side-Snare Drum gives you an additional Snare drum with a piercing back beat and variable mounting options.


  • Full Range Bolt-on round badge
  • 10-Ply (8mm) Ash-formula shell
  • Natural interior
  • 30-Degree bearing edge
  • Satin Ebony finish
  • Fully adjustable side-pull Throw-Off with fixed butt plate
  • 6 lugs
  • Black hardware
  • 2.3mm Triple-Flanged black hoops
  • GTS mounting system with 12.7mm clamp
  • 14 Strand Snare wire

Built to the demanding standards of all products bearing the Gretsch name, Gretsch Full Range Snare Drums are a great way to experience that great Gretsch sound on a smaller budget.