Gretsch Catalina Club Floor Toms


Expand your Gretsch Catalina Club drum kit – or build your own…



Gretsch Catalina Club Floor Toms

If you want to expand your Gretsch Catalina Club drum kit, we can supply Gretsch Catalina Club individual Floor toms.

All Gretsch Catalina Club Floor toms have the following collective features:

  • Thin vintage-style Mahogany shells (no glue-rings).
  • 30-degree bearing edges.
  • Warm, round, classic tone.
  • Retro style Gretsch shell hardware.
  • Available in Wrap or Lacquer finishes

If nothing from the Gretsch drum set configurations grab you, why not build your own Gretsch Catalina Club drum set from single drums?

Gretsch Drums – over 150 years of drum manufacturing history that just gets better!

Please note: due to UK distributors varying stock levels, individual drums can sometimes take longer to order. We will advise you of any delay before finalising your order payment.