Gretsch 12.7mm Memory Lock


Die-Cast, solid, beautifully machined…

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Gretsch G1-9035ML  12.7mm Memory Lock

If you own a Gretsch USA Custom, New Classic or Renown kit, your tom holders and Floor tom legs will have a diameter of 12.7mm. This Gretsch memory lock is hinged, especially made to fit the above drum lines, so if you’re looking for memory locks to fit your Gretsch tom holder arms or Gretsch Floor tom legs, you’ve just found them!


Due to Gretsch manufacturing the Catalina series kits with varying diameters of 10.5mm and 12.7mm for their tom holders and Floor tom legs, we are not recommending this item for Catalina drum sets. If you purchase these for a Catalina kit, you do so at your own risk and although we will refund a purchase that does not fit, we will not be able to refund any costs incurred for returning this item.