Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials G-SES Accessory Table


A place for your laptop, mixer, tablet, module or anything else you need by your side.


Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials Station G-SES Accessory Table

The Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials is the perfect accessory table for the drummer who has expanded their gear into the world of electronics. If you use a mixer, module, laptop, tablet or any other external device which is not part of the ‘traditional’ drum-set, then this accessory table will sort out any mounting dilemmas.

In these modern times, the role of the drummer more than ever relies on the use of electronics, whether that’s combining electronic and acoustic sounds or even just providing your own personal in-ears monitor-mix. Anyone following the amazing Ash Soan on Instagram will see his MacBook permanently fixed to his left as an essential part of his toolkit. As our needs expand, our set-ups evolve and the Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials series will help you meet the demands of mounting and positioning your outboard gear.

Measuring 16” x 10”, the Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials Station is a slim accessory table mounted onto a low-base tripod stand designed to support electronics or any essential extras a drummer may have. The wood table-top protects your gear with a lining of soft-black felt (card-school anyone?) and a protective edge lining on three sides to prevent slippage.

The stand supporting the table is a lightweight low-profile tripod design, adjusting from a low 14 ½” up to 22 ½” allowing scope for you to place your electronic extras at convenient heights.  If you need more mounting facilities, you can even buy an extra table which clamps onto the Sidekick Essentials stand. It’s a bit like buying something from IKEA – but far more satisfying!

If you still need convincing about the merits of the Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials products, just check out the video below and then try and convince us you’d rather build your own like Fred Dibnah would have!

YouTube video