Gibraltar SC-GRGSM S-Hook Gong Holder


Get your hooks on with this Gibraltar gong holder…


Gibraltar SC-GRGSM S-Hook Gong Holder & Clamp

Perfect for suspending gongs and other percussion instruments, this S-Hook gong holder from Gibraltar incorporates a 1.5″ diameter clamp to fit the majority of standard rack-tubing.

A sturdy design (as you would expect from Gibraltar), it is suitable for small and large gongs and can be used in a pair (you buy two!) in order to rope-mount your instrument. Used on a conventional drum-rack, a kit-player will find this useful for mounting wind-chimes, triangles and other suspended percussion/effects.

See this hook in action in the following video…

YouTube video

As the saying goes, size isn’t everything, but if your gong is bigger than Brent’s, this S-Hook won’t have any trouble keeping it up.