Gibraltar SC-GPMT Multi-Tool (Great Gift!)


What a luvverly tool to have in your pocket…

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Gibraltar SC-GPMT Pocket Multi-Tool

“What’s in the pocket young-un?”

“Why officer, it’s only the most awesome Gibraltar SC-GPMT Multi-Tool as gifted to me by mater and pater!”

And with that, the juvenile skipped happily away to fiddle with the drum-set at home.

Back to reality; this multi-tool from Gibraltar is one of the most useful things we’ve seen and surely is a must-have for every drummer (and guitarist for that matter) on a gig or in the rehearsal-room. What’s more, it makes the most amazingly thoughtful gift for the drummer in your life!

The Gibraltar SC-GPMT looks like a pen-knife – but it has no blades – so it’s not going to be categorised as a ‘weapon’. It really is, just a multi-tool, and great one at that! Just look at what packs inside the handle…

  • 2 x Phillips-head screwdrivers
  • 2 x flat-head screwdrivers
  • A square-head drum-key
  • 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 5mm Allen-keys
  • A bottle opener

These fold-out tools will get you out of some of the most cost common mishaps at gigs or rehearsals and as usual, it’ll be you – the drummer – who has the tool that everyone else in the band wants to borrow! Well make sure that pesky keyboard player gives it back to you immediately after dismantling the gear which should have been checked over before leaving the house! We know what happens, we’ve been there, so just make sure you tell them – no, order them – to buy their own Gibraltar SC-GPMT multi-tool!

If it hasn’t been invented yet, you can be sure at some point, Gibraltar will add it to their list of invaluable hardware products for the working drummer.