Gibraltar SC-DASS Dual Adjust Smartphone Stand-Mount


Clamps right onto yer tubes!

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Gibraltar SC-DASS Dual Adjust Smartphone Stand-Mount

Introducing the Gibraltar SC-DASS Dual Adjust Smartphone Stand-Mount, the perfect solution for mounting your smartphone directly to any stand or tube with ease.

The SC-DASS allows you to place your smartphone on cymbal stands, Hi-Hat stand or even onto drum-rack tube for convenient placement and solid mounting. With its Dual Adjust holder, you can customise the angle to meet your unique needs, whether it’s for your drum kit or creative workstation.

At the heart of the product, we find Gibraltar’s Dual Adjust feature, offering unlimited angle adjustment in both landscape and portrait mode, providing you with the flexibility to position your phone exactly where you need it. Just look at the different possibilities to mount items from this versatile bit of kit:

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The scissor-action mount expands to accommodate most smartphones, expanding up to 3 inches to securely hold your device in place. Tested and proven by drummers, you can trust the durability of the SC-DASS to withstand the demands of your performances. Whether you’re practising in the studio or performing on stage, this stand-mount offers reliability and stability.

Enhance your setup with the Gibraltar SC-DASS Dual Adjust Smartphone Stand-Mount and experience the convenience of having your smartphone securely positioned for easy access. With its durable construction and versatile adjustability, this stand mount is an essential accessory for any musician (and lazy singers who can’t remember their lyrics).

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