Gibraltar SC-DACMPH Dual Adjust Metal Phone Holder


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Gibraltar SC-DACMPH Dual Adjust Metal Phone Holder: Secure Drum Kit Mount

Introducing the Gibraltar SC-DACMPH Dual Adjust All-Cast Metal Phone Holder with C Clamp, the ultimate solution for securely mounting your smartphone in any position on your drum kit or setup. Crafted from durable all-cast metal, this phone holder is built to withstand the rigours of the stage and rehearsal room.

With its heavy-duty C Clamp grip, the SC-DACMPH securely attaches to tables, cymbal stands, or microphone stands, providing a stable mounting solution for your smartphone. Whether you need to keep your phone within easy reach during performances or rehearsals, this holder offers unlimited angle adjustment in landscape or portrait mode, ensuring optimal viewing regardless of your setup. Gibraltar show it in action on this short video:

YouTube video

The Dual Adjust feature allows for quick and easy angle adjustment, giving you the flexibility to position your smartphone exactly where you need it. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode, the SC-DACMPH provides infinite customisation for your unique positioning requirements.

Thanks to its adjustable thumb screw width adjustment, the SC-DACMPH offers a super-stable mounting system, ensuring your phone stays securely in place without slipping due to vibration. This means you can focus on your practice without worrying about your smartphone shifting or falling.

Tested and proven by drummers for durability and reliability, the Gibraltar SC-DACMPH Dual Adjust All-Cast Metal Phone Holder with C Clamp is the perfect accessory for drummers and musicians looking to integrate their smartphones into their setups. Don’t let a lack of convenient mounting options hold you back – upgrade to the SC-DACMPH and take control of your smartphone positioning with ease.

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