Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Bass Drum Smartphone Holder


Move over cowbell, modern tech needs your space!

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Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Bass Drum Smartphone Holder: Secure Mount for Drum Kits

Introducing the Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Bass Drum Smartphone Holder, a collaboration between Gibraltar and Hamilton Stands, designed to provide drummers with a sturdy and convenient solution for incorporating smartphones into their drum kits.

It does its stuff like this…

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Smartphones have become essential tools for drummers, whether for playing along to music tracks, setting up a click track, or displaying set-lists. With the Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Bass Drum Smartphone Holder, drummers can now mount their smartphones directly to their bass drum hoop for easy access and discreet placement.

Hamilton’s scissor-action phone clamp accommodates most smartphones and holds them securely, even through the most vigorous bass drum strokes. Rubber grippers on the clamp posts protect the phone from damage and ensure clear access to side buttons and ports.

The angle adjustment arm allows drummers to position the mount for optimal touchscreen access during play, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted performance. The holder is attached to the bass drum hoop with Gibraltar’s heavy-duty counter hoop clamp, providing a secure and stable (sounds like a Theresa May strap-line) mounting solution.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all bass drum hoops
  • Angle adjustable for perfect positioning
  • Mounted with a heavy-duty clamp for secure attachment
  • Rubber inlay prevents scratches on the hoops, maintaining the drum’s appearance

With the Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Bass Drum Smartphone Holder, drummers can now keep their smartphones within easy reach during performances, rehearsals, or practice sessions. Experience the convenience of having your smartphone securely mounted to your bass drum hoop, allowing you to focus on your music without any distractions. Just don’t forget it’s a smartphone where your cowbell should be!

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