Gibraltar Pro Lite GSB-507 Hi-Hat Stand


A great compromise between flat-based & double-braced stands…


Gibraltar Pro Lite GSB-507 Lightweight Hi-Hat Stand

Gibraltar Hardware are a company who never rest on their laurels and the Gibraltar ‘Pro Lite’ hardware series is another perfect example of their continuous dedication to providing the sort of hardware drummers actually need. Rather than telling drummers “this is what you should be using to be in vogue“, Gibraltar listen to real-world players and respond directly to their needs. With this mindset, their R&D people bring you the Gibraltar Pro Lite Hi-Hat stand.

Taking the tried and tested single-braced design, Gibraltar have essentially taken inspiration from their 5000 Series hardware and replaced the double-braced legs with single-braced legs. This of course, reduces the overall weight and is a great compromise to a flat-based Hi-Hat stands which sometimes wobble under larger Hi-Hat cymbal diameters. The single-braced legs are also a little shorter than found on the 5000 Series double-braced tripod-base, so there is a little bit less spread and of course, less weight.

Here’s a list of key features found on the Gibraltar Pro Lite Hi-Hat cymbal stand…

  • Single-braced tripod legs
  • Rotating legs for double-pedal placement
  • ‘Fast-Touch G’ branded footboard
  • Chain-drive
  • Spring tension-adjustment
  • Hinged, height-adjustment collars w/nylon inserts
  • Lower height tripod
  • Geared cymbal-tilter
  • ‘Quick-Release’ Hi-Hat clutch
  • Height range: 29-1/2” to 36-1/2”
  • Weight: 7 lbs, 6 oz

YouTube video

When flat-based hardware isn’t enough and you really want to avoid double-braced stands, the Gibraltar Pro Lite hardware will bridge the gap between ultra-lightweight and double-braced overkill.

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