Gibraltar Chrome Series SC-GCEX


Connect your tubes and erect your Rack


Gibraltar Chrome Series SC-GCEX Extension Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-GCEX tube extender clamp is used for combining two shorter Rack tubes to make one long bar. Using this clamp, it is possible to join two 1.5” diameter rack tubes end-to-end vertically.

*PLEASE NOTE* This clamp is suitable for connecting Rack tubes in a vertical position only, you are advised not to use this clamp to support horizontally positioned Rack tubes. If you need to mount Rack tube horizontally, please choose a Road Series clamp.

Essential for joining Rack Tubes together, connecting clamps are the key to clever design when working out how it’s all going to fit together. From simple straight connectors to multi-angle swivelling joints, there are virtually no limits to what can be done in Drum Rack construction.