Gibraltar Bass Drum Felt


Get Felt up with this on your big kick…

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Gibraltar Bass Drum Felt

From a by-gone era, we bring you the traditional method of dampening your kick drum – the trusty felt strip. If you’re going for that open, vintage sound or like to use as little dampening as possible in your bass drum, then this could be the little fella for you! It will help eliminate unwanted head ring and bring a little more focus to the most open of bass drum sounds. Two strips in the packet, each strip measures 26″ in length and 2″ in width.


  • Fits up to 26″ bass drums
  • Includes 2 strips
  • Focusses sound with minimal dampening

Drumdoctor Tip:

“If you’re trying to achieve that big, open BonhamBig Band Bass Drum sound without any internal damping or silly holes in your front head, these felt strips will really help focus the sound. However, be prepared to tune your front head a lot higher than you would normally expect in order to eliminate the front-head ring that causes sound engineers grief when you force them to mic off the front head!”

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