Gibraltar B9708 Throne Base (Single-Braced Legs)


Single-braced, sturdy & light(er) throne base…

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Gibraltar B9708 Throne Base – Single-Braced (and lighter!)

When you want to lighten your load, a Gibraltar B9708 drum-throne base will help you achieve your goal of a lighter hardware case.

99% of the time, you will find drum thrones with heavy, double-braced legs. No doubt the double-braced design is for good reason, but it’s not always the best choice for everyone. With that in mind, Gibraltar have created a single-braced base to fit most popular stool-tops which is a little bit lighter without sacrificing its strength and support capabilities.


  • Single-braced, lighter tripod base
  • Memory-lock for height adjustment
  • Fits seat-tops with 7/8″ diameter tube mount
  • Height adjustable from 21″ to 30″

Therefore, if you simply want to swap out your heavy stool-base for something a bit lighter without having to buy a whole new throne, the B9708 should tick all the boxes!