Gibraltar 9707ML-LD ‘Liquid Drive’ Hi-Hat Stand


If weightlifting’s your thing…


Gibraltar 9707ML-LD ‘Liquid Drive’ Hi-Hat Stand

Gibraltar 9000 Series Hi-Hat stands are Gibraltar’s top of the range Hi-Hat stands, packed with various design features to suit every drummer’s needs. The ‘Liquid Drive’ (LD) models are designed to deliver a completely balanced action resulting in an equal tension feel for both down and upstrokes.


  • Professional, heavy duty, double-braced construction
  • Cast frame with rotating tripod base
  • Hinged height adjustments
  • Smooth pedal-board
  • ‘Liquid Drive’ system
  • Extremely smooth, butter-like feel
  • Step tension adjustment
  • Detachable base plate
  • Super Hi-Hat Clutch
  • Extends from 29” – 37”
  • Tube sections: 1-1⁄8” base, 1” top

If you can’t find a Gibraltar 9000 Series Hi-Hat stand to do the job for you, then you’re in need of serious ‘special’ help!

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