Gibraltar 5709 Boom Cymbal Stand


These are the best designed stands in their weight group…


Gibraltar 5709 Boom Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar 5000 Series cymbal stands are medium weight, but strong double-braced cymbal stands.

A bit more beef than the 4000 Series cymbal stands, but still light enough to carry without forcing you to go on the weight training.


  • 12.7mm diameter ‘hideaway’ boom arm for straight conversion
  • Independent boom angle & boom arm length adjustments
  • Extends from 30″ – 61″
  • Tube sections: 1″ base, 7/8″ middle, 3/4″ top
  • Easy to kit out with memory locks
  • Medium weight, but tough!

In essence, Gibraltar 4000 stand tubing is a larger diameter than the 4000 series, but a smaller diameter than 6000 & 9000 series stands. We’d say they are the ideal middle ground!