Gibraltar 5707 Hi-Hat Stand


5000 – a good number to stick on…


Gibraltar 5707 Series Hi-Hat Stands

Gibraltar 5000 Series Hi-Hat stands are medium weight, but strong double-braced Hi-Hat stands.

A bit more beef than the 4000 Series Hi-Hat stands, but still light enough to carry without forcing you to go on the weight training.

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  • Medium weight, double-braced construction
  • Hinged height adjustment with nylon bushings for no metal-to-metal contact
  • Cast frame with rotating base
  • Key operated tension adjustment
  • Rotating tripod base
  • Smooth pedal-board
  • Chain-drive system
  • Standard Hi-Hat Clutch
  • Extends from 25″ – 36″
  • Tube sections: 1” Base, 7/8″ top
  • Medium weight, but tough!

Gibraltar – the rock behind your kit!