Gibraltar 5706 Snare Stand


5000..a great name for a hardware series…


Gibraltar 5706 Snare Stand

Gibraltar 5000 Series Snare stands are medium weight, but strong double-braced Snare drum stands.

A bit more beef than the 4000 Series Snare stands, but still light enough to carry without forcing you to go on the weight training.


  • Hinged height adjustment with nylon bushings for no metal-to-metal contact.
  • Geared basket tilter.
  • Medium weight, but tough!
  • Extends from 18″ – 25″ height
  • Tube sections: 1″ base to 7/8″ basket section

This Gibraltar Snare stand is also available in an Extended version for larger Snare drums and is especially suitable for Orchestral Snare drums where extra height may be required.

Gibraltar – the rock behind your kit!