Evans Torque Key (Great Gift Idea)



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Evans Torque Key Drum Key

The Evans Torque Key still remains a revolutionary drum tuning key within the drum world; here’s why…

With its numbered ratchet torque settings, the Evans Torque Key can offer the drummer the facility to apply the same torque to each tension rod so theoretically, the head will sit under even tension on the drum bearing edge. Although it won’t fine-tune a drum, it’s an extremely quick and easy way to seat a head very evenly in a short time giving you a near tuned drum in the fraction of the time using a conventional drum key.

Here’s how to work it…

  1. Set dial to desired tension (clockwise to increase tension)
  2. Turn tension lug with key until torque handle ‘clicks’
  3. Reset torque handle & move to next lug


  • Ergonomic grip for maximum comfort
  • Knurled knob for fast spinning action
  • Slip-resistant magnetic head
  • Wide scale of numbered torque settings
  • Quick to use
  • Promotes even tensioning/head seating

Once you get an Evans Torque Key, you’ll wonder how the heck you survived all those years without one!