Evans Snare Side 300 Resonant Heads


A medium-thin skin, for the bottom of your Snare drum…


Evans Snare Side 300 Resonant Drum Heads

Evans Snare Side 300 Hazy reso-heads are fantastic Evans resonant Snare Drum heads for players who want a more versatile or ‘middle-ground’ Snare side head. Not too thin or too thick, this Snare head will be great for all-round musical applications.


  • Single-ply 3mil
  • Versatile & controlled
  • Great response at all dynamic levels

Never underestimate the importance of a decent reso-side head for shaping the sound of any of the drums on your drum set. Bring the bottom of your Snare drum to life with an Evans Snare Side drum head – you won’t regret it! Our mate Kenny Sharretts shows you how to here!

YouTube video

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