Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Snare Drum Heads


You can’t see the dot, but you’ll always hear it…


Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Snare Drum Head

Looking for a Snare Drum head with a reinforcement dot? Then let us introduce to you, the Evans Power Center Snare Drum head family.

Constructed from a single-ply of 10-mil film, the Evans Power Center Reverse Dot benefits from a 5-mil reinforcement patch, 5 inches in diameter, sitting in the centre on the underneath of the drum head. Unlike conventional reinforcement dots found on other manufacturers drum heads, the Evans Power Center features unique slots in the circular dot, allowing the head to flex, keeping it open at the edges and free to vibrate at any dynamic level.

Hear this head on this neat little video which shows different tunings:

YouTube video

The Evans Power Center Reverse Dot delivers both durability and focus to a Snare Drum and because the dot is on the underside of the head, there will be slightly less obvious audible dampening but rest assured, it’ll be doing its job! The biggest advantage of the Reverse Dot version is its ability to keep out of the way of wire brush filaments, allowing your strokes to run smoothly across the skin surface.

Don’t see the drum head size you want listed here? No problem, just get in touch and we’ll check availability.