Evans HD Dry Snare Drum Heads


A great head that makes any drum great!


Evans HD Dry Snare Drum Heads

Evans HD Dry Snare Drum heads may just be the answer to those heavy-hitting drummers who need the strength of a 2-ply head and don’t want to add external dampening to their drum. Because of their natural controlling capabilities, we recommend these on deeper shelled drums where there is a lot of air moving between the heads.

Constructed from two plies of film – an outer ply of 5-mil on top of an inner ply of 7.5-mil, the Evans HD Dry Snare Drum head is already in the premier league for drying out excessively ringy Snare Drum shells. However, going the extra mile, Evans add a 2-mil overtone control ring on the underside outer-edge of the skin, almost floating underneath the head to eliminate excessive overtones and control sustain.

Here’s a bit o’ Evans’ own spiel for ya…

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For those excessively ringy Snare Drum shells such as the deep Brass beasts we encounter from time to time, sometimes an overtone control ring isn’t quite enough. Therefore, Evans have added a series of precision-drilled vents around the perimeter of the head to further reduce overtones and sustain – clever or what?

We believe when you fit an Evans HD Dry head to your Snare Drum, there really shouldn’t be any need to add extra dampening. Any more external dampening on top of this and you’re riding into the town of Chokesville so just be calm, and step away from the Moongels!

As expected with Evans, the HD Dry incorporates Evans Level 360 Technology for ease of tuning, extended pitch range, and optimum quality of sound.

If you want a Snare Drum head that sounds great out of the box, tunes easily, reduces unwanted overtones and is made with cutting-edge technology utilising the highest accuracy tools available, then Evans Snare Drum heads are unsurpassed in delivering these attributes.

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