Evans EQ3 Black Resonant Drum Heads


Black, smooth, focussed and you can have it ported….


Evans EQ3 Black Resonant Bass Drum Heads

Catering for all your Bass Drum requirements, Evans make skinning the front of your Bass Drum easy-peasy with their EQ3 black resonant Bass Drum heads.

The Evans EQ3 black resonant is constructed from a single-ply of 10-mil film and is a favoured resonant head amongst many sound engineers. Depending on your preference, the EQ3 can be ordered uncut or with a precut off-set 5″ port-hole. To help focus the sound, all of the EQ3 black resonant heads have a 10-mil internal overtone control ring installed to their outer edge.

If you want a resonant-side Bass Drum head with or without a precut port-hole, then the Evans EQ3 gives you everything you need, right out of the box.