Evans EQ1 Black Resonant Drum Heads

Fully-faced reso with some dry holes

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Evans EQ1 Black Resonant Bass Drum Heads

Catering for all your Bass Drum requirements, Evans makes skinning the front of your Bass Drum easy-peasy with their EMAD Resonant Bass Drum heads.

The Evans EQ1 black Resonant Bass Drum head is constructed from a single-ply of 7-mil film with the addition of an internal overtone control-ring running around the outside edge of the skin to focus overtones. As this head in un-ported, Evans have added a series of precision-drilled vents around the perimeter of the head to further reduce overtones and sustain – clever or what?

If you are looking for a black Resonant head for your Bass Drum without a port-hole, then an Evans EQ1 will deliver a bright tone with a moderate sustain whilst being very amenable for miking from the front. We dare say the EQ1 would work wonders in a controlled studio environment rather than live, but with those extra-drying vents, you might just be pleasantly surprised on a stage.