Evans EQ Pad


Ingenious, lightweight, subtle & effective control

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Evans EQ Bass Drum Pad

We love the Evans EQ Pad here at ADC Drums, simple as. It is by far, one of the most unobtrusive, intelligently designed and subtle Bass Drum dampeners ever invented. With or without a fully intact Bass Drum reso-head, this is guaranteed to take out just enough excessive overtones to leave your Bass Drum stage-friendly for sound engineers, whilst keeping the body, tone and all of the remaining acoustic attributes that make your Bass Drum a beautiful instrument.

Attached to the bottom of your Bass Drum shell with Velcro, the specially designed hinge on the Evans EQ Pad bounces off the head with each strike, allowing sustain, before returning to damp the vibrating head. Armed with two hinged pads either end, the larger pad is designed for your batter-side whilst the smaller pad is perfect for minimal damping on your reso-head.

So subtle and impressive in its resulting sound control, we have guys using these to great effect on their vintage Bass Drums as a great alternative to the awful bedroom pillow or sound-killing acoustic foam. If you want to add Bass Drum dampening at a minimal level, we can’t think of a better place to start before going into overkill methods.