Evans EC2 Clear 16inTom Head


The Evans Pinstripe variety!


Evans EC2 Clear 16″ Tom Head

Two-ply design for consistency and durability

  • Dampening relative to each drum size, offering musical dampening at all tunings
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Ec2 heads are optimised for attack, tone, controlled sustain and ease of tuning. Made from two plies of 7mil film, the clear head provides an articulate attack and smack you’d expect from clear heads. The EC2 heads feature Sound Shaping Technology (SST) – the rings, mounted on the underside round the edges, add sustain control , proportional to each size of the drum for a well-balanced tone that acts as a pre-EQ.

Easy tuning, holding tune and an extended pitch range are all part of the Evans Level 360 Technology, allowing for a 360 degree playing surface that resonates with the shell thanks to the vertically enhanced collar design. Ideal for drummers looking for a controlled, attack-prominent tone.