Evans Calftone Tom Heads


The synthetic alternative to traditional calfskin


Evans Calftone Tom Heads

The Evans Calftone drum head follows on from something Remo have been doing for years with their Fiberskyn heads. Here we have another throw at the synthetic alternative to Calfskin drum heads by Remo’s closest rival Evans – and it’s a pretty damn fine product let us tell you.

Evans Calftone Tom heads consist of the unique Calftone surface bonded to a 7 mil single-ply Mylar skin, thinner than a Calftone Bass Drum skin and optimised for smaller drum shells and higher tunings.

As with all other Evans Rack Tom and Snare Drum heads, Evans Calftone Tom heads come with Level 360 Technology™ for easy tuning and a consistent fit. Evans Calftone are ideal for bringing out the best sounds in vintage drums and deliver a great tonal response. Don’t believe us? Then watch some of this!

YouTube video

These guys know a thing or two about tuning…

Evans Calftone – at a Glance…

  • 7 mil single-ply
  • Warm, rich tones
  • Level 360 Technology
  • Use on Toms or Snare Drums
  • Calftone surface
  • Great for vintage drums

Perhaps, best of all, they look stunning, evoking a classic appearance from the days when poor little baby cows gave up their skins so we could play drums! Thankfully, no baby cows lost their hides to provide you with a vintage tone so you can enjoy a guilt-free vintage sound!