DW Performance Series Steel Snare Drum


Great all-round Snare, plenty of cut & ‘snap’ for the Rocker in you!

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DW Performance Series Steel Snare Drum

Made in the USA from 1mm thin rolled-steel, the DW Performance Series steel Snare Drum is a great all-round Snare with plenty of cut and ‘snap’ to its sound.

With a beautiful chrome finish, it is also fitted with 10 double-threaded centre-lugs, a Drum Workshop premium ‘MAG’ throw-off, DW’s ‘True-Tone’ Snare wires and drum heads made by Remo. The interior of the shell features 45 degree back-cut bearing edges and integrated reinforcement hoops, giving the drum a more focused sound. Just listen to the 14″ x 8″ version sing…

YouTube video

As you can hear, DW’s steel shell has a slight ‘ringy’ undertone similar to a brass shell, but the overall tone is far more metallic and the ‘crack’ from a backbeat easily dominates the ring. These non-beaded steel shells definitely provide a subtle half-way house between dryness and overtone to deliver drums with both incredible volume and sensitivity.

Here’s the 14″ x 6.5″ version…

YouTube video

Now, the 14″ x 5.5″ model…

YouTube video

Chad Smith BSSM anyone?

Which one would you choose? We love the 8-incher model, but neither have a disappointing rod in their bodies! Tough choice…but money well spent.

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Due to the challenging trading conditions at the time of this listing, we are not yet keeping this item in store – though it is in stock with Drum Workshop’s EU-based supplier. Therefore, delivery to us from the distribution centre will be 7-9 days from date of ordering.