DW 9000 Hi-Hat Stand


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DW 9000 Hi-Hat Stand

At the very top of the tree in the Drum Workshop Hi-Hat family, the DW 9000 Hi-Hat stand sits like a big steel overlord sneering at its flyweight challengers. If chunks of hi-tech steel and silky moving parts excite your gymnasium instincts, the DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat stand will provide you with plenty to flex your muscles over.

If you’ve looked over the DW 5000 Hi-Hat stand and feel it’s still too inferior for your tastes – this is the recipe for you. When you pull this out of the hardware case, they’ll know you haven’t come with Ludo and Tiddlywinks! This is everything and more, you could ever want or need from a Hi-Hat stand, period. This guy is one very happy bunny unboxing his…

YouTube video

Did we mention it was heavy? Well, that’s clear from the video but in reality, it’s only around half-a-kilo heavier than its 5000 Series neighbour. So let’s take a closer look at the features of the stand…

Starting at the bottom, we have DW’s patented folding baseplate which adds to the stability of the stand above which, the wider 9000 footplate and hinge are attached. The hinge is DW’s ‘Delta II’ ball-bearing loaded design which provides a frictionless feel to the movement of the pedal. Above that, we have the ingenious ‘Double Eccentric Cam’ chain-driven mechanism which is extremely sensitive, followed by DW’s infinitely adjustable spring tension adjustment wheel.

The double-braced legs swivel for easy positioning of a slave-unit from a double-pedal and there is a memory lock securing the upper half of the tubing which is, incidentally, lined with plastic insulators to eliminate any metal-to-metal noise. The bottom cymbal-seat is DW’s patented Lateral Cymbal Seat Adjustment’ for accurate and reliable angling of your bottom cymbal, should you need it. The Hi-Hat clutch is DW’s SM379 with it drum-key operated lock-nut, making sure it will never come loose during playing.

There are two pull-rods provided, one 21″ (standard) in length and the other 15″ – should you play at a lower seat-height. If you are a player who likes to sit low, this stand will operate at a minimum height of 28″.

The DW 9000 Hi-Hat stand is the ultimate in industry-standard professional Hi-Hat stand and offers more than any drummer should ever need to get through rigorous touring schedules.

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