Dixson ‘Bass Drum Lift’ Riser


No one will take the rise with one of these under your drum!

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Dixson ‘Bass Drum Lift’ Riser

The Dixson ‘Bass Drum Lift’ Riser is The Bass Drum Riser that solves two problems associated with using smaller Bass Drums:

  • 1.) Prevents the need to lower your beater to accommodate the smaller sized playing area.
  • 2.) Stops the extra beater-travel associated with Bass Drum risers on cheaper kits

Taking the first point, drummers spend a lot of time adjusting their pedals to play ergonomically and efficiently. Beater height can play an important part in this – too long and the speed of the stroke can be compromised; too short and the beater response can be reduced. So what happens when you buy that smaller ‘gig’ kit with the 18” Bass Drum (or even a Jungle kit)?

The first thing you notice is that your beater strikes higher up the skin; so you lower the beater and guess what? The pedal feels worse to play! Solution: raise the Bass drum off the floor, which brings us to the next point…

Drum manufacturers aren’t stupid, they’ve thought about the implications of a small Bass Drum in relation to the average pedal beater height, so what do they do? They offer a simple Bass Drum riser to raise the Bass Drum a couple of inches off the floor, which introduces another problem…

Bar the expensive Yamaha Bass Drum Riser (which incorporates a cut-out section of the Bass Drum hoop), most manufacturers risers clamp onto the Bass Drum hoop in a manner that positions the Bass Drum pedal further away from the head, resulting in the beater travelling further forward than normal before it makes contact with the head. Horrible feeling strokes!

So they solve your problem of not having to lower beater, but introduce another one by offering a poorly designed riser! What’s a drummer to do?

All these problems are immediately solved with the unique Dixson ‘Bass Drum Lift’!

Not only does the ‘Bass Drum Lift’ raise your small Bass drum to a height that means you don’t need to lower your beater, but it also allows you to position your pedal so the beater makes a normal stroke, without having to rout holes out of your Bass Drum hoop! It’s ingenious!


  • Not just for 16″ & 18″ sizes, works with 20″, 22″ and 24″ drums.
  • Better sound: The ‘Bass Drum Lift’ allows the beater to strike the drum head at more desirable position.
  • Better projection: The ‘Bass Drum Lift’ raises the bass drum to offer more room to resonate.
  • Double pedal friendly: The ‘Bass Drum Lift’ affords positioning of beaters to strike on both sides of centre.
  • Prevents wear to hoops: The ‘Bass Drum Lift’ eliminates the attachment of the bass drum pedal to the drum hoop.
  • Fits double-pedals.
  • Velcro’s to carpet to prevent travel.
  • Eliminates vibration: The ‘Bass Drum Lift’, made of poly filled nylon, eliminates vibration to the foot pedal.

We know it’s not the cheapest Bass Drum riser around, but it is an extremely well designed, bespoke riser that solves two problems in one hit and it’s made in the USA! The choice is up to you; put-up with manufacturers’ half-baked offerings or buy the right tool for the job!