Chicago Drum Co Snare Drum 14″ x 5.5″ in White marine pearl


A fine piece from the Chicago  Drum Co

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Chicago Drum Co Snare Drum 14″ x 5.5″ in White marine pearl

For those seeking a Snare Drum built with true vintage craftsmanship  this  Chicago Snare Drums will tick all of the boxes!

Indeed, if you are an owner of any vintage Slingerland drums and are reluctant to take your beloved babies on the road, drums from the Chicago Drum Company will provide you with a modern ‘vintage’ alternative with a sound from the past and the reliability of a freshly made product.

Made in Illinois, USA, these are high quality build drums, made with love and pride. You won’t find any glue drips, uneven edges or minor imperfections on a Chicago Drum product, all drums are inspected individually and ready to play, right out of the box.

The Chicago Drum Classic Snare Drums feature a thick 5-ply Maple/Poplar shell with solid maple reinforcing rings and 30 degree round-over bearing edges. The shell hardware styling is right out of the Slingerland history books with chrome-plated ‘Stick Saver’ 10-hole hoops, ‘Beaver Tail’ lugs and a modern throw-off which looks like it’s time-travelled from 1935!

This snare is approx 8 years old. Well cared for . Nice pure sound wires to boot .