Canopus Vintage Dry Snare Wires 14in


For those who know what they’re buying and why they cost…

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Canopus 14″ Vintage Dry Snare Drum Wires 14″

We know what you’re thinking… £30 odd gbp for a set of wires!!? Why!? What’s so special about these? We hear you. On the face of it, they do just look like pretty standard wires but as anyone who is aware of Canopus will know, their attention to detail is very high. So their products may be worth your interest.

Being made in Japan, the precision manufactured 0.5 mm very thin end plates are weighted and shaped specifically to get the best out of your drum – science. As many may understand, vintage snare drums can be temperamental when it comes to tuning ranges, which forces many to hunt down 60 year old wires! No more. Old snare wires are often sought for how little they weigh, effecting how the bottom head responds – anyone who’s owned an old Swingster Dance with those narrow, deep beds surely has experienced this. Canopus, we thank you in advance.

The CPSL-14DR or ‘dry’ non-chrome-plated model is designed to coax the best from wood-shelled snare drums. These wires respond to the timbre of wood; warmth, openess and complexity and in fact enhances those characteristics. These wires allow drums to breath, while remaining sensitive, for the most natural sound possible. This means true, unfettered tone, every bit of punch your drum is capable of. So yes, £31.99, but we reckon it’s worth it – let your drum speak!

We really rate these wires. Customers who have chosen these over the various other brands on our advice have given us excellent feedback, enough to stock these wires regularly – we’re confident you’ll feel the same way.