Gretsch USA Bronze Snare Drum


Also makes nice Cymbals dontcha know…?


Gretsch USA Bronze Snare Drums

Gretsch USA Bronze Snare Drums have a darker timbre than their Brass counterparts with a clear, defined, high end and great stick articulation. Sonically, Bronze sits somewhere between Brass and Copper shell and is used in Cymbal formulas, so it’s no surprise to see it being used on the most expressive part of a drum kit.


  • 1mm polished Bronze shell
  • Gretsch Micro-Sensitive Throw-Off
  • Die-Cast hoops
  • ‘Snap-In’ drum key holder
  • 42-Strand Snare wire

For the Gretsch drummer who insists his/her drums are made in the USA and nowhere else, the Gretsch USA series Snare Drums offer a no expense spared build delivering a range of Snare Drums that are as good as it gets in American built Snare Drums.