Bopworks Drum Stick Station


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As Bob says “This is bloody great” !


Bopworks Drum Stick Station


Bopworks’ new  Stick Station  gives drummers easy access to their sticks, brushes, shakers, etc.

Between songs looking for the right tool?

No more having to grab something off the floor, quickly rummage in your stick bag, or maybe retrieve brushes perched on the floor tom.

The Stick Station®  tray pairs up with specially engineered clips which accommodate metal hoops from  8″ to 18″. The clips’ unique positioning feature accommodates different hoop styles including single, double, and triple flange hoops, stick saver and die-cast designs, as well as several brands of wood hoops. The clips’ design also limits the vibration coming off the hoop, helping keep your sticks in place.

The Stick Station®  comes with tray, instructions and 3 clips to use for the type of gig you’re playing, from light to heavy duty. It will accommodate 2-3 pairs of drumsticks plus brushes, depending stick diameter.

And at just 4 ounces, it will fit nicely in your stick bag.

The Stick Station® by Bopworks: designed by drummers for drummers.