Big Fat Snare Drum 16in Snare-Bourine Donut


Better than a tea towel?


Big Fat Snare Drum 16″ Snare-Bourine Donut

Back in the day, Ringo had his Ma’s tea towel. But obviously we now live in the future. And in the future, we use science! Big Fat Snare Drums look simple in design but they are so effective as when throw one on an eye-wateringly cranked steel snare drum, it will suddenly sound like 14″ x 8″ mahogany, deep, dry tub – magic.

Except it’s not magic. That black gasket around the edge of a BFSD is weighted but not just to stop the sheet of tough Mylar from jumping about as you hit it. It is a specific weight, maths has been done, paper and pencil, not like Zappa maths, science maths, designed to coax out the lowest frequencies from your snare drum, dry out the top-end and accentuate the woodier mid tones. And these things really do work. We were quite sceptical until we had a go ourselves. The BFSD Snare-Bourine Donut is essentially the same as a regular Donut but additionally features jingles affixed to the Mylar for that extra flavour and musicality.

We find that Big Fat Snare Drums work best when you tune your snare drum high. However, for toms,  it really depends on the drum shell and choice of head. You may find yourself tuning your floor tom a tad higher when you throw one of these on just to get a fuller sound. This tuning has the skins make sure that shell produces the frequencies it does more energetically. See what works for you and your sound. And obviously, made in the U.S.A.!