Aquarian Kick Pad/Patch


Quality patch for the battle of the beater !

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Aquarian Kick Pad/Patch

Let’s face it, everyone needs that protective patch on their Bass Drum skin and this Aquarian kick pad ticks every box for taking the brunt of those brutal beater batterings.

In case you’re wondering, this is what happens if you don’t use a patch on your Bass Drum head…

YouTube video

For the sake of a few dollars more, he could have got himself another few years from his head!

Anyway, you guys ‘n’ gals are going to do the sensible thing and buy some protection for your Bass Drum head and if you buy the Aquarian kick pad, you’ll be pleased to know it’s actually patented and made from a heavier version of Aquarians Power Dot material. It’s also strong, with a degree of flexibility so it can move with the head as it’s struck. For a simple, no-fuss solution to protect your Bass Drum head, the Aquarian kick pad is an absolute winner!