Ahead Armor 26in x 18in Bass Drum Soft Case


Is it a bag…? Or is it a case?


Ahead Armor 26″ x 18″ Bass Drum Case

If it’s hard it’s a case; if it’s soft it’s a Soft Case, right?

Hot on the heels of those Cornish surfing dude Soft Case makers, Ahead Armor are making a huge splash in the drum case world with their fantastic range of tough, durable, padded, waterproof Bass drum cases.

Ahead Armor drum cases incorporate Ahead’s exclusive drum-hugging DX-Core providing the stiffness of two layers of high-impact foam padding plus the softness of premium-grade Sherpa Fleece lining. This increases both the shock-absorption of the cases and the protection of the drums, all wrapped up in a virtually indestructible, weather-resistant, water-proof, double-stitched, 600-denier polyester fabric exterior.

Available to fit almost any Bass drum size you can think of, Ahead Armor cases all have the following construction features.

  • Innovative teardrop shape (great for accomodating for RIMS type mounts)
  • Ingenious cutaway design allows easy drum removal
  • Patented TruForm design allows snugger drum fit
  • DX-Core providing great shock-absorption properties
  • Premium-grade Sherpa Fleece lining
  • Weather-resistant
  • Water-proof
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Patented DynaZip system

Now we all know that the leaders in this field of drum Soft Case manufacturing are Protection Racket, but Ahead have really taken up the challenge and produced a product that is easily on a par in terms of construction, quality & protection. We’ve thoroughly checked them out and even have guys in the shop using them alongside Protection Racket Soft Cases, without any complaints.

Ahead Armor Soft Cases – not quite as hard as a case, but amongst the best soft furnishings you will ever trust your drum gear with!