Big Fat Snare Drum Halo Ring


Great dry sound with jingles to rock!


Big Fat Snare Drum Halo Ring – 14″ Diameter

Sometimes known as ‘the Snarebourine’, the Big Fat Snare Drum Halo ring brings another twist to the Big Fat Snare Drum story and another new sound to your Snare Drum!

This is a their standard ‘Donut’ ring with the addition of 10 copper tambourine jingles (5-a-side but not in a footy way) which produces that typical BFSD deadened/deep sound with the added extra of some subtle ‘jingle’ sounds. Let’s not waste any more words trying to describe this unique accessory, it’s better to hear it in action…

YouTube video

Here’s another take on it where you get to hear the Snare Drum with and without the Halo ring:

YouTube video

Is that enough for ya?!!!

There’s no problem with compatibility here, the Big Fat Snare Drum Halo ring fit whether your drum has triple-flanged hoops, die-cast hoops, single-flanged hoops, DW ‘True’ hoops, ‘Stick-Saver’ hoops, wood hoops, ‘S-Hoops’ or bizarre vintage hoops!

Back in the day, when George Martin asked Ringo to dry his Snare Drum sound, he went for one of his Ma’s (that’s Scouse for ‘Mother’) tea-towels to do the job. Now live in the future, the Big Fat Snare Drum boyos have dragged Ringo’s old tea-towel into the 21st century – and then some!