Creative Percussion

Creative Percussion: Where Family Meets Innovation

**Born from a passion for music and fueled by a family’s combined talents, Creative Percussion isn’t your average instrument maker.** Established in 2018 by husband-and-wife team Kevin and Cheri Feeney, Creative Percussion brings a unique blend of artistry and practicality to the world of percussion.

**Meet the Masterminds:**

* **Cheri Feeney:** The technical backbone of Creative Percussion. Cheri keeps the entire operation running smoothly, from managing artists and dealers to website maintenance and customer service. Her diverse background in computer programming, design, and holistic wellness allows her to wear many hats and ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved.
* **Kevin Feeney:** The creative spark behind Creative Percussion’s innovative instruments. With over 35 years of experience as a drummer, craftsman, and designer, Kevin has an eye for transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary percussion tools. Inspired by his father, a drummer himself, Kevin has always pushed boundaries and pursued his passion for creating unique sounds.

**Together, Kevin and Cheri create a powerhouse of creativity and functionality.** Their mission is to push the limits of percussion beyond the traditional drum set, offering high-quality, handcrafted instruments that ignite your creativity and elevate your sound.

**Why Choose Creative Percussion?**

* **Handcrafted Quality:** Each instrument is meticulously crafted by Kevin, ensuring exceptional build and a one-of-a-kind character.
* **Unleash Your Inner Innovator:** Explore a world of unconventional sounds and textures with instruments designed to inspire you to break free from the ordinary.
* **Family-Owned, Drummer-Focused:** Creative Percussion understands the needs and aspirations of drummers because they live and breathe drumming themselves.
* **Endless Possibilities:** Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Creative Percussion’s instruments are designed to expand your sonic palette and empower you to become the best player you can be.

**More than just instruments, Creative Percussion offers a gateway to a world of rhythmic exploration. Visit their website today to discover handcrafted percussion that matches your unique drumming vision!**

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