Well that’s what it’s all about isn’t it – Drums! Whether you want an out-of-the-box sets or build your own drum kit from individual drums, we can help you make the best buying choice to make your precious pound notes go further!

We are a small ‘bricks & mortar’ shop and our on-site stock reflects the needs of our regular walk-in customers. Therefore, it is impossible for us to keep in stock, every single drum kit we advertise online at all times. The drums we offer online are supplied from high volume, fast turnaround distributors but are still subject to world supply stock levels and manufacturing times for custom orders. However, if our distributor has it in stock, we can offer an equally fast turnaround for their ‘off-the-shelf’ products. This is actually better for you, because our freedom to access fresh products is never delayed by dust-gathering stock, liberating us to react quickly in today’s fast-moving online shopping environment. The times, they are a-changing folks!