Evans Coated Drum Heads

Evans Coated Drum Heads

Coated drum heads are known for their warm tones and Evans coated drum heads don’t fail in that department.

Whilst Remo may hold the crown for spraying a textured paint to their early attempts at synthetic drum heads, Evans have always tried to go in a different direction to make their products stand out from the competition. Whilst there probably isn’t too much one can do different in design of a coated drum head, Evans have made innovative steps to make their coated drum heads a worthwhile alternative.

Instant Gratification!

Indeed, it is often said of coated white Evans heads that their coating is more durable, their sound is cleaner and they are easier and quicker to tune. Unlike Remo drum heads, you can often put on an Evans drum head and find that it doesn’t need ‘bedding in’ overnight or stretching. Many of you may find your favourite Remo heads sound fantastic after about 2 weeks of playing. With an Evans drum head, their ‘bedded in’ sound is instant from the moment it’s tuned to the desired pitch.

Perhaps this is something to do with the way Evans have regularly revised their method of attaching Mylar polyester to their hoops, in the search of perfection and drive to deliver the drummer the best performing drum heads.

Manufacturing Innovations

Having developed a new patent-pending water-cooled moulding process, a ‘robotics’ coating process and a closed-loop feedback system for their hoop manufacturing, Evans are now on the cutting-edge of drumhead manufacturing hoop. Every Evans drumhead is now made to within thousandths-of-an-inch accuracy!

They have even designed a low-temperature collar-forming system which runs cool water behind the playing area of the head to b it from the heat generated during the collar-forming process. This helps to keep the most important part of the drumhead unaffected by the manufacturing process, meaning the strength of their raw product reaches the consumer as originally intended.

Whilst the coating on an Evans head looks a little bit smoother than Remo or Aquarian heads, this is to achieve a totally consistent coated surface in keeping with their drive for perfection. Evans now utilise a ‘robotics’ pneumatically controlled metering method with a tolerance of .0005″ to apply their environmentally-safe, water-based coating.

The end result is a family of very smooth and flat drumheads, devoid of the wrinkles and dips often seen on other manufacturers heads. Uniformity and consistency is the key and finger-tapping an Evans head out of the box rewards you with a low rumble, plenty of sustain and a hint of its natural pitch. If you’re looking for drumhead manufacturing perfection, Evans have got it in spades.

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