Zildjian Z Custom Cymbals

Introducing the iconic Zildjian Z Custom cymbals, marking a triumphant return to the line-up three decades after their initial launch. Created to cater to the demands of hard-hitting drummers across metal, punk, hard rock, and beyond, the reimagined Z Custom series redefines power, explosiveness, and durability.

For years, Zildjian’s heavy cymbal range had been absent from the market, leaving heavy players feeling neglected. This oversight allowed competitors like Paiste and their RUDE cymbal range to capture this segment of the market, leaving Zildjian to reevaluate its approach.

Now, with the reintroduction of the Z Custom series, Zildjian is reclaiming its position as a leader in heavy cymbals. These legendary cymbals boast a revised design that enhances not only their musicality but also their feel and longevity. With a brilliant finish and the timeless star pattern hammering reminiscent of the original Z Custom line, they not only sound exceptional but also look stunning onstage.

Designed for the most demanding drummers performing live, Z Custom cymbals deliver bright, explosively loud crashes and cuts that effortlessly slice through any mix. Despite their formidable sonic presence, they are slightly lighter in weight compared to the original Z Custom crashes, ensuring optimal playability without sacrificing power.

Versatility is key with the Z Custom series, offering drummers a wide range of dynamic expression and sonic possibilities. From thunderous crashes to articulate rides, these cymbals provide the bold tones needed for limitless musical exploration and expression.

Drummers can now trust in Zildjian’s commitment to heavy players with the reintroduction of the Z Custom cymbals – a symbol of uncompromising power, brilliance, and enduring quality.

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Showing all 4 results