Protection Racket Gong Bags

The Most Popular Gong Bags, by Far

Skimping on a gong bag isn’t too clever after shelling out on an expensive gong. If you own any gongs which will be moving out of your house for gigs or healing sessions, then you would be very wise investing in a gong bag from the rather excellent Protection Racket people.

Protection Racket have a long history in manufacturing protective bags for transporting drums and guitars, so we’d be hard pushed to think of anyone better in the industry currently making protective gong bags.

Protection Racket gong bags are very similar to their fantastic cymbal bags (we sell lots of these too) and come with shoulder straps for carrying on your back, should you need to walk and keep your instrument from dragging on the ground.

Pro Racket have pretty much thought of everything to safely transport a gong under your personal care. However, if you are trusting your musical instruments in the hands of a road crew, then we would recommend investing in a bespoke flight-case, but for normal transit conditions in a car, you really can’t go wrong with a Protection Racket gong bag.

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