Protection Racket Cases

Protect Your Drum Stuff with Protection Racket Cases
Legend has it, back in 1994, a bunch of Cornish surfing dudes invented Protection Racket cases to protect their surfboards on their journeys from home to the sea. Maybe they’d watched the 1991 surfing classic, Point Break’, one too many times on the old VHS (now we’re showing our age), but whatever the reason, we’re sure glad they invented Protection Racket cases.

Not as hard as a traditional plastic or fibre-based case, these case/bags are great for transporting your drums, cymbals, guitars and even gongs, when under your personal care. We doubt we’d trust any of our personal gear in anything less than a heavy flight-case if left in the hands of a road crew, but if you’re personally involved in the transportation of your gear from venue-to-venue, then these are awesome!
What Makes Protection Racket So Special?
Plenty of things actually…for starters, all Protection Racket cases are 100% waterproof thanks to their construction from what they have named, ‘Racketex’, a high-abrasion resistant polyester which is extremely tough. We’ve never seen a Protection Racket case come back to us ripped or torn; the material seems near-indestructible (it’s not, but you get the picture).

Then there’s the handles. How many times has a handle either dug into your hands under the weight of what it’s carrying or completely fallen off? Yes, we know, it’s a top annoyance factor.

However, them blonde-bronzed surf-monkeys have thought about this and their soft handles are modelled in ‘Racketex’, lined with comfortable Neoprene and supported on their underside by a polypropylene layer lined with 5mm of foam. On their hardware cases they take things a step further, with ergonomically designed rubber handles for extra strength and comfort.

Meanwhile, on the inside of their cases, the luxury starts with a layer of ‘Propadd’, a superior dual-density foam, hard on the outside and soft on the inside (a bit like Cornish Pastie). Then the 1970s Ford Cortina seat-cover springs into action, in the form of a non-abrasive, synthetic fleece lining that your drum can cuddle up to. In fact, it’s probably better than any of the seat-covers found in 1970s pimpmobiles…

Furthermore, this fluffy interior has the ability to absorb any surface moisture that may occur on your gear due to temperature changes and even have polishing effect during movement in transit.
The Boring Stuff Nobody Looks At
Buckles on straps are always worth an inspection as these often break under pressure. Protection Racket only install high quality buckles which are both light and tough. They don’t want their product to let you down and the attention to detail shows.

Then there’s the webbing and stitching. Found on handles and seams, Pro Racket webbing comes with a breaking strain of 1500Kg, enough grunt to land a Mako shark in waters off the Eddystone lighthouse. All seams are double-stitched together with bonded nylon which won’t deteriorate and adds to the overall durability of the construction.

The zips on these cases are of the heavy-duty nylon spiral chain style, very hard to break, plus they’re shower proof so will resist rain when being carried outdoors between vehicle and venue. The zip pulleys are nickel-pated with a satin finished and won’t rust.
Well they’re not a traditional ‘case’, as in a protective container of rigid construction, but as an alternative to something hard, heavy and bulky, they are more than adequate to provide protection for your instruments under your personal care.