Yes Folks, we Ship Abroad!

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International Shipping Information

Did you know that ADC Drums can ship internationally?

Although our checkout is only currently configured for UK customers, we have always been able to ship our vintage drum stock internationally. We may well add international shipping site-wide in the future, but we have to wait for the UK’s Brexit shenanigans to unravel into place before we can do that!

However, we can certainly give our potential international customers an idea about how much shipping will cost based on our most popular vintage drum destinations.

Check out the following examples…


To send a Snare Drum or Bass Drum pedal: £89.99


To send a Snare Drum: £129.99

To send a 3-4 piece vintage shell-pack: £349.99

Mainland Europe

To send a Snare Drum: £39.99

To send a 3-4 piece vintage shell-pack: £89.99


To send a Snare Drum: £39.99


To send a Snare Drum: £29.99

Obviously, these are just a few examples with prices correct at the time of posting. Prices can/are subject to change and the above should be taken as a ‘rough guide’ based on historical shipments.

If you need more information and want to know if we ship to your part of the world, please contact us for a quote.