DW Bass Drum Pedals

DW Bass Drum Pedals

Drum Workshop were founded in 1972 and although now recognised as a drum manufacturer, they were primarily known for their Bass Drum pedal manufacturing.

The first DW Bass Drum pedals were made from the defunct Camco drum company factory tooling, which DW purchased in 1977. From this tooling, they launched the first DW Bass Drum pedals which looked virtually identical to Camco pedals. When they released the design with a single-sprocket chain-drive, it was a game changer for the Bass Drum pedal market.

The early 1990s were the key years during which Drum Workshop really started to take hold as a much desired brand name to have on under the feet of drummers around the world. With their innovative designs, they created the first useable double-pedal from which, other companies copied (who remembers the horrible Pearl slave-unit pedal?)

For a period of time they manufactured all their pedals in the USA, eventually moving manufacturing to the Far East. Despite the move, DW Bass Drum pedals remain to be superbly manufactured pedals and highly desirable.

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