Gretsch Brooklyn Hammered Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum


A Beast in Brass…


Gretsch USA Brooklyn Hammered Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum

Gretsch have brought back the classic American tone for both the old vintage dogs and they younger guns, with their vintage sounding Gretsch Brooklyn USA manufactured Chrome over Brass Snare Drums.

In the course of designing the Gretsch USA Brooklyn Snare Drum range, Gretsch went back to the drawing board but didn’t try to fruitlessly to re-invent the wheel. Styled and designed on original ideas from the golden-age Gretsch that solidified their name in American drum history, these Gretsch Brooklyn Snare Drums have the thought, design and of course, that unsurpassed sound from a classic lost age.

This variation of the COB features a beautiful hammering pattern on the shell which contributes to making the drum slightly drier than its un-hammered counterparts.

USA Brooklyn Chrome over Brass Snare drums are truly traditional Gretsch style Brass shells, plated in highly polished Chrome, all sporting the classic Gretsch Brooklyn round badge with a powerful ring and tone that has the potential to shatter ear drums! As expected, Gretsch’s famous 30 degree bearing edge features in all Brooklyn Snare Drum shells, along with their ‘302’ 3mm double-flanged hoops. Snare wires are 20 strand, supported by the Gretsch Lightning Throw-Off & butt-plate.

These are easily the most versatile metal-shelled, modern, professional Snare drums we’ve heard for a long time, truly worthy of carrying Gretsch USA built Snare Drum history into a new era.