Ahead Spinal-G Black Drum Throne + Backrest


Great for behind the kit or in the typing pool.


Ahead Spinal-G Drum Black Throne With Backrest

There’s a lot to be said for having a seat that provides maximum support and improves your posture and we can’t say enough good things about the Ahead Spinal-G Drum Throne. We couldn’t believe how amazing they felt when we first placed one of our skinny butts on the fine velvety cushion; we could feel the difference from other seat tops immediately!

Up until recently, we’ve only been able to get our grubby mits on Ahead Spinal-G seat-tops, but now, our Geordie shore mates have slipped us some new Spinal-G Drum Thrones with their very own Throne Bases! Now you don’t need to spend out extra on a separately price Throne Base, you should have enough change to spend with all the ladz’n’lasses at the Blaydon races!

This version comes with a back-supporting backrest adding even more comfort to your hours behind the kit.

Just so you know, here’s what’s so good about the Ahead Spinal-G Drum Thrones…

  • Provides body geometry & ‘Ergokinetec’™ comfort
  • Allows the tail-bone (coccyx) to hang naturally as opposed to being compressed against a seat
  • Allows the pelvis to move reciprocally in three dimensions
  • Promotes more natural movement of the legs, lower back and shoulders
  • Height extends from 18″ – 24″
  • Four legs supporting you beneath your seat

Whether you’re a youngster or a bunch of old moaning scroats like us, it’s never too late to change your drum throne for a healthier model! The Ahead Spinal-G promotes correct posture, encouraging you to play drums better and bringing an extra layer of comfort into the equation.