Gretsch USA Custom Drums

Gretsch USA Custom Drums – Build Your Own Drum Kit

Gretsch USA Custom Round Badge drums have been the foundation of Gretsch drums for over 65 years. Indeed, the phrase “That Great Gretsch Sound” was coined around the classic Round Badge drums from the halcyon days of the company.

At the heart of every Gretsch USA Custom drum is the legendary Gretsch 6-ply Maple/Gum shell with its famous 30-degree bearing edge and renowned ‘Silver Sealer’ interior finish. Today’s Gretsch drum builders  at their plant in Ridgeland, South Carolina recreate USA Custom shells using time-tested, classic finishing techniques such as hand-rubbed stains and nitro-cellulose lacquers. Keeping to traditional specifications whilst utilising the advanced drum making techniques of today, Gretsch can now give you the classic Round Badge experience of USA Custom drums in a modern build, perfect for the 21st century drummer.